About Me

Practicing in the field for over 20 years focusing on counselling young children, adolescents and their family.

Mission Statement

To provide evidence and empirical based research on various psycho social topics related to child development, personal goals and intercultural communications.

Our goal is to provide our clients with relevant information in an organized structured platform, using cutting edge methods in electronic and social media. Our objective is to facilitate group learning situations by creating presentations that promote discussion in a diverse, inclusive, safe environment. Clients that have participated in our presentations have demonstrated that they acquired the necessary skills to foster healthy relationships.

Marketing Agency Expert


CA Consultants specializes in Restorative Justice, Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution along with Parent and Youth strategy plans.  My expertise in Child and Youth work, group facilitation and Higher education allows me to meet the needs of people from diverse backgrounds. I create Educational content to update the Community on mental health& social justice issues.

Alethia Cadore

Registered Psychotherapist- CRPO (Canadian association of registered psychotherapists) licensed Child Youth Care Practitioner. Alethia Is a member of the OACYC (Ontario association of child youth counsellors) http://www.oacyc.org. She currently holds an MA in Education from Central Michigan University. She is a graduate of Ryerson University obtaining an Undergraduate degree in Child Youth Care.

I am a compassionate, innovative and wellness-oriented Child and Youth Care Practitioner and Registered Psychotherapist, possessing over 20+ years of experience in the realms of social services and clinical support, consultation, and facilitation. I pride myself on having highly developed interpersonal skills, inclusive of excellent oral and written communication.

I have an African centered/Afrocentric Worldview that sees people of African descent as Innovators in their Community.

I have a strong ability to empathetically listen, interpret, and respond through various forms of counseling and assessment delivery during interactions with diverse client populations. I possess an abundance of experience with theoretical intervention models, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, restorative justice practices, research, evidence-based practices, and human rights advocacy.

In addition, I have spent my career gaining a wealth of knowledge pertaining to experiential, clinical, and theoretical practice, disabilities, homelessness, mental health, addictions, harm-reduction, abuse, and trauma. My professional experience ranges from providing service within hospitals, post-secondary institutions, community therapeutic intervention programs, and community mediation initiatives. I have a zest for advocating for vulnerable populations and a passion for establishing genuine connections with others.

I offer 1:1 Counselling &  online Group modules focusing on personal development & goal setting that helps professionals lead a balanced life by learning how to reduce stress, control your emotions & develop goals that set  you up for success!